January 23, 2009

i've got some 'splainin to do.

Why does this chart look so different from yesterdays with the pretty solid red crosshairs, here's why...

It's called compulsive temperature adjusting, and I was addicted.

Until this morning, I did not realize just how many times I had adjusted my temperature between CD 12 and today - CD 19. Thank you lord that I logged the correct temps in my blackberry each day, so it was easy for me to reference and correct my big dumb mistake(s), even though it took away my pretty CH's at least it is as accurate as I can get it with my temps alone. Here is a list of my crimes starting with day 12.

CD 12 - Discarded this temp altogether because I temped after I was up and moving around, D U M B.

CD 14- Woke up 2 hours late (8:30am) and temp was off because of that.

CD 17- Was an idiot and temped 2x, one right after the other by putting in different parts of my mouth. I originally put the higher of the two, which was the second reading. I just corrected it by putting my lower first temp in there.

CD 18- Temped at 3:45am because DH and I had a BD session (woot), but I did have three hours of solid sleep before that temp.

I guess I was wanting my chart to look "pretty" with no open circles, and by doing so, I gave myself fake crosshairs. booo!

On the bright side, I still have a chance this cycle, at least that is what I am telling myself.


  1. Good for you for correcting yourself. every once and a while I don't think temp adjusting is too bad, but overall, I personally try to avoid it. it just leads to more trouble then it's worth (fake CH).
    Either way, I think you're right, you still have a chance this cycle! GL!

  2. Yep, I never temp adjusted, unless something was really out of whack. Good luck this cycle!