January 29, 2009

stay at home wife?

What does that even mean?

This concept, I cannot fathom. I understand that not everyone "needs" to have a job, but unless you married into money or are going to school fulltime, my belief is that you should work. This is not 1947. I do not see why some ladies scream this from the rooftops like it is something to be proud of.


In my opinion, it is just lazy, with a CAPITAL L. If you are able bodied enough to work, and you have no obligations that prohibit you from working, why not work. Even if every little bit goes into a savings account for emergencies or a baby, it's still more than what you would have if you didn't work at all.

Please, if there is a sensable reason that one would choose to be a "stay at home wife" please enlighten me.


  1. I agree. Unless we won the lottery or something I would be working until that baby pops out. I don't look down on people who are stay at home wives, but I just think I would be sooooo bored! There's only so much cooking & cleaning you can do right?

  2. good lord yes. cleaning [blech], cooking, not so bad.

  3. I dont think a woman should stay home unless she has small children or a medical reason that inhibits her from working. Its lazy to be honest. Why let your husband hold all the burden? WHy not work your butt off until you have a child and save all your money if you dont need to work? Its nice to have a cushion and contribute something to the family. Caring for your child and keeping house is contributing but if you do not have a child yet, then stop being lazy and get off your arse.

  4. Tell me, are these people medically frigid or is it psychological?

  5. I personally don't get it, especially the really young SAHW. When I was job searching after my Masters and had't gotten anything for a month I got a part-time job waiting tables because I got bored.