January 20, 2009

wtf chart. - first post.

hello first post.

Okay, so last time I charted a whole cycle was in August of 08. According to FF during that month I O'd on CD 12. WELL, CD 12 has come and gone for this cycle. I'm gonna wear the poor dh out with all the BDing if the my temps don't do a shift, and I mean soon.

pray pray pray that my temps keep going up up up!!

PS. I'm not really sure why I just wrote this post because this is still a secret baby blog that a whole 2 people, including myself know about. Oh well, memories nonetheless.

1 comment:

  1. I came across your blog through Nykki's site. She designed my blog as well. FX for your temps to keep going up! I'd say that there's a possibility that you might have O'd on CD15. GL!