February 04, 2009

food. i needz it.

Okay, I thought this hunger thing kicked in a little later than a mere four weeks. I seriously cannot get enough food. I literally need to have food in my mouth every 2 hours [please Lord, have mercy on my body] I am sure that it is ridiculous that I went to the grocery store last night and managed to haul a whole FULL bag of snacks to work with me today. Seriously, this is what I got.

o 3 cans of soup (um, yeah... had the "italian wedding" one today, gross)
o 1 8 pack of cheese on cheese crackers - you know, the little ones that are like .25 cents a pack at the gas station, those.
o 2 boxes of different flavored granola bars.
o 1 box of the new 100 calorie pack Oreo cakesters.
o 1 bag of coffee flavored hard candy, because I miss caffeine, and seriously, it is only day 3 of knowing about LL 2.0.

sooooo, needless to say, i'm a little stocked up.

Oh, and pregnancy gas. I got it, Bad.

:::searches for long lost Usher CD - got it bad:::

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  1. How random that I thought of the Usher song too. LOL