March 10, 2009

9 weeks, two days.

CJ has officially taken over doing belly pictures, since taking pictures has now become awkward. sorry for the weird ass face.

How far along? 9 weeks, 2 days.

Total weight gain/loss: didn't dare step on the scales.

Maternity clothes? wore my maternity capris today because it was 81 degrees, just to try them out.

Stretch marks? um yeah, but i had them long before LL 2.0 was in the picture.

Sleep: oh how i miss sleeping a full 8 hours.

Best moment this week: it snowed and i got to sleep in with both of my babies.

Movement: none.

Food cravings: chocolate.

Gender: CJ said that every time her thinks about LL 2.0, he refers to "her".

Labor Signs: nope.

Belly Button in or out? still in.

What I miss: sleeping comfy on my belly and not feeling guilty.

What I am looking forward to: hearing my babies heartbeat in a THIS WEEK!

Weekly Wisdom: people cannot drive, but everyone knows this.

Milestones: mmm, i went 3 whols days without taking nausea meds. yey!

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