March 31, 2009

baby stuff.

so, i am sure that cj is thrilled that i buy our unborn child more clothes than i probably should seeing as that we will not find out the sex of LL 2.0 until sometime in may. LL 2.0's closest is a strict color pallet of greens, yellows and whites.... for now.

well this past weekend was a big challenge for me. there were two children's consignment sales in my town and boy, you better believe i was at both of them [along with about 100 other savvy moms]. the consignment sales where i live are like no other. i live in a town that has a six figure median income. so, these people obviously have children right.... duh, they have like four or five. although i am not one of those people, i surely do not have a problem basking in their "gently used" children's clothes [some of which still have tags on them!!]
for ridiculously cheap prices. my best snag of the weekend was definitely the baby Dior white footed sleeper for $1.50, the thing smelled new. [see above]

i can almost guarantee that everything in my fetus' closet cost me under $60. you have be thrifty in this economy for realz.


  1. WOW, what awesome deals!! And all those little things just look so sweet in the closet... that was my favorite part. Except I did that at like, 37 weeks. You're a lot more organized, hahaha

  2. I'm totally hitting up the consignment shops in the fancy part of town now :) You're so smart!