March 16, 2009

some random ramblings.

here is a small list of things i have noticed while currently being knocked up.

1. people who know i am pregnant always look at my stomach before my eyes now, weird.

2. people who i know, who do not know i am pregnant look at my stomach before my eyes as well and think to themselves that i am a little chubby girl.

3. eating breakfast never appealed to me before i was pregnant, but now something has to be eaten 30 minutes after waking or i feel like shit.

4. the mixed smells of spices in our kitchen pantry right after you open the door makes me want to puke EVERY SINGLE TIME i open it.

5. when you are expecting, every single baby catches your eye, even the ones still in the mommies tummy.

6. random people think that their advice on how you need to deal with pregnancy symptoms is the only advice you should ever take.

7. when you tell older people you are using a midwife rather than an OBGYN, they give you this crazy face and ask you why you would ever want to have a baby at home. hello, midwife does NOT equal home birth. silly old people.

i'm sure i will have many more ramblings, but i'm burnt out right now, and my pregnancy brain has officially stopped functioning.... if you would like to add some, please feel free to in my comments.

1 comment:

  1. I'm the exact same way with our pantry! Everytime I open the door I make sure to stop breathing so that I don't heave into the trashcan haha