March 24, 2009

twiddles thumbs.

as i sit here and type this, i feel a bit of karma looming for the words that are about to escape my fingers for the world to see... "when will i start to feel pregnant?".

i am completely aware that i am still pretty early in this pregnancy, but i am so dang antsy i almost cannot contain myself. other than my expanding uterus that CJ likes to mush my belly to feel, i feel like a normal person. lord, i am not wishing any crazy morning sickness or pain, but i just want to fast forawrd to around 17 weeks when we find out what sex our sweet babe is going to be, and can do more parents to be things, like decorate the nursery.

i hear that the second trimester is going to fly by, so starting next week, we will see how true this is.

we are so excited to meet you sweet babe.

love, mom and dad :)

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