April 09, 2009

may 15th is a sexy day.

i had an OB appointment this afternoon. just a normal, check your weight, pee in a cup, hear the heartbeat (woot!), talk to the midwife type of appointment. today. it went great, she said my ute was growing right on schedule and everything looked fine from what she could see.

while we were there, we set the date of our BIG ultrasound which will be 5.15.09!! yey! it's a friday and my mom is coming in from south carolina to get to experience this miracle with us.

i'm going to be so dang antsy until that day gets here!! woot.

also, can we talk about how much i want to find this barbie IRL (if only it had dark hair).

1 comment:

  1. bahahaha, love that barbie!

    So exciting!! only a month to wait!