April 23, 2009

pregnancy rashes and hospital visits.

soooo.... some of you may know that i was graced with not having morning sickness with this pregnancy, which i thank the lord and my Rx from my midwife everyday for. buuuuuuut, i have recently developed what the text books like to call a "pregnancy rash" on my belly, upper legs and back. my doctor said that it is "nothing to worry about" because it does not itch, but she said most women who develop it {less than 1%, yey me} at the beginning of their third trimester and i must be the exception to the rule. she told me to pop a few benedryls and call her if it starts to itch, which it does not right now [crosses fingers]. the rash itself basically looks like little bug bites all over my belly. it is very random, because they just showed up out of the blue the other day. soooooo for right now, i will follow the doctors orders but the extremely vain part of my brain cannot stand to see the blemishes all over my body. if it does not clear up with the beneydrl, labor will cure it says the midwife. man, im gonna look sexy in the swim suit this year :).

on another note, CJ and i have a tour of our hospital tomorrow night. we {well, "I"} was a little bummed to find out that our midwife did not do deliveries at our first choice hospital, however they do deliver at the same hospital that CJ was born at, and i guess i can live with that. we are taking the tour tomorrow to make sure that the rooms are up to our standards and that the birthing center looks like something that we can welcome our child into. the hospital is like nine hundred million years old or something like that.... lets pray that they have at least renovated the place. updates to follow, i am sure.


  1. i had the fab rash, too. lovely, eh? don't worry -- mine went away and stopped itching in a few weeks. i'm scared third tri will bring it back, but let's just knock on wood for now.

  2. I never heard of that before. I know my sister didn't have that either when she was pregnant. Um, these rashes won't leave marks right (because you're not scratching yourself)?