April 12, 2009

who has maternity pants?

that would be yours truly. i was just simply tired of the rubber band trick and using my bella band on the lone pair of pants that i still felt dignified enough to wear. so last night, cj suggested that we head on over to the Motherhood store at our local po-dunk mall and browse around for some fat pants.

i have always been pretty partial to darker wash jeans, because when you are a big girl like me, camouflaging is your friend. i humored myself and took three pairs of pants into the dressing room with me and showed cj one by one. he and i were both amazed at how far maternity pants have come since our parents age. other than the fact that i decided to go with the "secret belly fit" aka (full panel) these jeans look and feel like a million bucks on my ever expanding derriere. i am seriously in lust with them, actually, i have them on right now as i am typing this feeling cool as a cucumber with all of this Easter food in my tummy, and not a button in sight that i need to undo. lucky me, i know.

i ended up going with the secret belly fit bootcut, in the darkest wash they had. oh and the best part of all, they were only $35! woot.

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