May 21, 2009

we picked a crib.

so, my mother so graciously volunteered my father (who lives four states away) to purchase the crib and glider set for baby V [like the new name?!?], bad thing is.... he has no idea. she got us the dresser so she found it fitting for my dad to pick up the slack :).

we decided to go with the delta "canton", four in one crib in a cherry finish. very nice, and not a redic $600. there is no reason a baby should have a crib so expensive that you would literally die the day you see little teeth marks on the slats from their termite stage of childhood, there is just no point in putting yourself through that type of misery.


  1. I like that crib. I agree that it is crazy to get your child a expensive crib. If they were going to be in their crib all their life maybe. Congrats again girl!