June 07, 2009

who thought it would be so hard picking out a stinkin' diaper bag?!?

complete diaper bag overload, i tell ya, its insane how many there are. cartoon characters [no thanks], $400 designer "handbags" [glorified name for a poopy diaper holding, spit up stained diaper bag], plastic covered [think grandmas couch] and of course you have the infamous wal mart special bags, that no one with any sort of brain matter would ever consider carrying.

i finally decided on a bag by www.poshbabyllc.com

its called "mod peacock", and it can change from a messenger bag to a backpack and was 78% off of the original retail price of $175. cha ching!

1 comment:

  1. Cute bag! That pic of it with the lady in the water is so ridiculous lol...