July 13, 2009

27 weeks - glucose and mommy views.

cj and i went last thursday for my one hour glucose test. im hopeful that i passed it, but i still have a day or so to wait just in case they decided i need to do the three hour test [blah]. cj has been so supportive by going to every doctors appointment with me to date, but he did inform me although he does love me, it would be hard to sit and entertain me in a doctors office for three hours if i have to do another glucose test, meaning i'll be flying solo if i have to go back, but im hopeful i wont. BTW, the orange drink is not nearly as bad as some ladies say it is. just sayin.

i got a little friendly with the camera the other day and decided to take a "mommy view" photo shoot, after about 10 different pictures, this is what i got. now cj can really see "what i see". :)

since its been awhile, here are my stats.

How far along? 27 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: up 15 pounds total.
Maternity clothes? sporting them, but no new ones this week.
Stretch marks? no new ones, but the old school ones are showing up more and more.
Sleep: cannot get enough of it.
Best moment this week: hmmm, nothing super interesting.
Movement: yes, miss legs of steel, cj is waiting patiently to get to feel her from the outside. stinkin anterior placenta.
Food cravings: ice cream.
Gender: GIRL.
Labor Signs: none.
Belly Button in or out? in.
What I am looking forward to: my baby shower, even though its over a month away.
Milestones: really "popping" while i was away on vacation.

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  1. You look so cute! I can't wait to be showing like this!! :)