July 15, 2009

milestone for cj.

today was the first day that he actually felt miss v kick! i, of course, feel her all the time, but our wee one has gotten strong enough for her daddy to feel from the outside!

we were laying on the bed yesterday evening about 4:30 [because we are simply lazy like that] and cj put his ear to my stomach. she wasn't moving much before he did this, but i guess the weight of his big fat head was more than she could take. she started kicking like crazy. just to make sure he was really feeling her kick, i told him to tell me when he thought he felt her kick the side of his face. like clockwork, he noticed it every time for about five minutes. you should have seen his eyes, bright as can be! it was so cute.

such a big day for the both of us.

on a side note, i passed my glucose test [yey sweets!!] however i am a smidge anemic apparently, so the midwife is putting me on an iron supplement. hey, i'll take popping an extra pill if it saves me from poking myself with a needle everyday.

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  1. Congrats on passing the glucose test! And so sweet that he was able to feel her kick! for the first time!