July 23, 2009

ultrasounds, birthdays and mouthy dogs.

we had a routine doctors visit today. we were referred out to a specialist early in the pregnancy due to me having "normal low" amniotic fluid. we have been going every four weeks and I feel safe enough to tell people about this now because the doctor said today that my fluid levels were in the normal range (yey for 8.5!). they never told me exactly HOW low i was, but i was told that anything below 4 was a cause for concern.... so pray that i stay in the normal range for the remainder of the pregnancy. the one downfall of having the low fluid is that we were never blessed with super clear ultrasound pictures, BUT... i will take a healthy baby in exchange for blurry crappy pictures any day.

on to other things... today is CJs 25th birthday! [happy birthday babe] he asked the ultrasound tech if we could see miss V in a 3D view, and as much as she tried to get a good shot, they were never quite clear enough. we did however, come to the conclusion that we think miss V has CJs nose. so cute and dainty!

on a side note, maddox has began talking back. i guess, that is the typical 5 year old for you. proof below.

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