August 09, 2009

can we talk about how redic cute these are?

ever since i saw these a few months back i have wanted them sooo much more than i probably should have. stupid me thought that they were actual onesies with an iron on patch. i googled the aforementioned infant novelty and was price shocked when i saw that people could actually charge $24 for a small peice of white fabric PLUS $2.95 shipping FOR EACH ONE! although the first year is full of milestones, this mom would have blindly sharpied a number on a spit up stained onesie before i forked out that kind of dough. im not too proud to admit im cheap.

i gave up my search long ago, but today was pleasantly surprised when i ran across these on Etsy. super presh, i know. they are stickers..... stickers! whoever invented these was sheer genius i tell ya.

$13.00 for a set of 12 - pssssht, im sold!


  1. What seller on Etsy did you order these from? They are too cute, and I'd love to have some!

  2. it is pickysticky. the word "these" in my post takes you directly to her store on Etsy. :D