October 03, 2009

carnies and billy goats and fried candy bars... oh my.

i love the county fair, i always have. cj, however; is a different story. he usually will suck it up one time and go with me. last night, was the night. how could someone not love going and gawking at all of the county [socialites]? i mean, we saw so many different trends at the fair last night, for example the delicate rat tail, sporty mullet, and who doesn't love a three year old drinking mountain dew out of a bottle? good times people, good times.

[click to enlarge] notice the guy to the left of cj...my point exactly about the people at the fair.

i pretty much consumed my caloric intake for three days last night. my menu featured a fried ham sandwich and french fries, nachos [extra cheese], a sundrop - a southern delicacy, a funnel cake with powdered sugar and chocolate, and a fuzzy navel smoothie [virgin of course]. just so you know, i did not eat all of that myself, only about 90% of it. best part is.... i am going back tuesday night with my bff danielle if i don't spew a child from my loins before then.

oh the endless food possibilities.

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a really fun time! :)