October 30, 2009

it was bound to happen.

and it did..... last night.

cj goes to change vegas' diaper [who has been a little on the constipated side for the past two days]. all is fine until he realizes that its not just the standard wet dipe that he is used to. i hear him gagging and telling V that something so nasty should not come from someone so little... all of the normal dad phrases.

all of a sudden i hear "HELP, come in here!" so i rush to the front room and see cj holding V's little chicken legs up ever so carefully not to let them get in the big pile of baby poop that she let out without a diaper on under her butt. i seriously almost died from laughter.

first rule in diaper changes hun, is NEVER leave a naked baby unattended even if it is for like .03 seconds while you grab a diaper. just when you think they are done, they sneak a little surprise in just for kicks.

ahhh, the joys of parenthood begin. :)

this picture has no significance to the post, but i took it the other day on my phone [blurry] and had to share because it was so dern cute.


  1. lmao, classic! I agree with the picture, very cute indeed :) LL, are you dressing her up for Halloween?

  2. Such a cute picture!! And that is hilarious!!

  3. my niece has had so many explosions - my sister cannot live without oxyclean!

  4. Haha love it! That has happened to me like 3 times while I'm in the process of wiping her up & ::squirt::... all over mama's arm. DH squealed for help the one time it happened to him too ;)

  5. LOL, that would have been funny to see. Im sure it wont be the last time it happens to CJ or well anybody that changes her :D