January 14, 2010

shred & results.

Ididn't want to trash up this blog with the many ramblings of my journey to lose weight so i decided to just do a weekly update as opposed to the daily on my progress. or lack there of.

i would love to say that i have done the shred every night, but that would be such a farce. the weekend is hard because we are pretty busy and i am usually dead by the time i think about doing it. buuuuuut, i have only missed 3 days out of the 11 that i have been doing it. i consider that a pretty good record for me because i absolutely loathe exercising and any other time i have attempted to workout (with the exception of my trainer i had right before i got married) i have pretty much failed miserably by day two. i always have good intentions but yet again, i have never weighed as much as i do to date.

on to what i have found out by doing the shred. I HATE JILLIAN MICHAELS, HER VOICE, and especially HER FACE [am i the only one who thinks she looks like a dude?] i have only lost 1 pound. kinda disappointed with that, BUT i will say that i am much stronger than i was on day one. the push ups almost made my arms fall off that first day. and i can see some different parts of my body toning up and jiggling way less. YAY! definitely not swimsuit ready, but better than almost two weeks ago. i am going to crank up the intensity tonight and move on to level 2. bless my heart, i know.


  1. good for you for stickin' with this! I attempted to do so about a month ago & it lasted a whopping 4 days (non-consistent) you go girl!

    p.s: jillian is totally dudeish & her voice makes me want to poke my eyes out. that's pretty much why i quite working out ;)

  2. Totes agree with you about Jillian.

  3. yeah i'm not a jillian fan either - but she does have a great body! hah. consider your food consumption as well during weight loss - i gained weight the year before our wedding though i was at the gym more than ever i'm certain b/c i was not eating healthy at all. when i got serious, i lowered my calorie and fat consumption and it came off. though i know it's different for everyone... do you weigh daily? there have been times i weighed on a wednesday and i was down 4 lbs but then when it came to my weekend weigh in i was only down 1 or 2... weight fluctuates all day everyday! keep it up, glad you're trying (though you're pretty cute no matter what :))