January 20, 2010

[three] months old.

she has changed so much in this past month! her 3 month birthday was yesterday.

- last time she was weighed (beginning of January) she was 11 pounds 5 ounces and was over 24 inches long.

- she thinks that gagging herself is the funniest thing ever.

- she sleeps in her big girl crib now. no pack n' play in mommy and daddies room = more [playtime] for daddy and mommy. wink.

- is not a fan of tummy time, but we don't really enforce it, so that's not her fault.

- can still wear some of her newborn onesies, but homegirl is long so she can sport some 3 - 6 pants.

- you turn your head [not just your eyes] to most every little sound now.

- you feel the need to be entertained more and more.... no more sleeping baby 22 hours a day. ha.

- you laugh at the most random things. LOVE it.

- your nickname is cuddle, i am aware that it is a verb and not a "typical" name like cupcake or sweetie pie, but it fits your personality.

- you still sleep swaddled, but are getting better at sleeping longer and longer.

- you are starting to babble and i just want to know what that baby brain of yours is thinking.

here is your day [20] picture.

going for a walk, sans your car seat, not really sure what to think.

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