February 14, 2010

the great earring debate.

vegas will be getting her precious little ears pierced in the coming weeks, but my concern is as follows... where should we go to get this done?!

i am not keen on the idea of taking her to the neighborhood claires and letting a snot nosed 16 year old stab my baby in the ears with needles because she "aced" the test on the video about ear piercing she watched. i think i will pass on that option.

i was contemplating taking her to a tattoo/piercing place because i know they have strict restrictions on the sanitary measures they have to abide by, even if the guy doing the job is named 'snake' and has a full body sleeve. butttttt, will they even pierce a baby's ears?

suggestions anyone?


  1. I think a tattoo/piercing place is the way to go. They're sterile like a doctor's office {those piecing guns are nasty!}. But unlike the doctor's, it's their job so they won't screw it up. Generally, if the person's underage, they need permission from BOTH parents {at least that's the rules here for tattoos. Good luck!

  2. Dana's in downtown Newton is very good as well. Very clean, Emilie had hers pierced there.


  3. I read that you should ask your pedi to do it with a needle or to suggest a place. That the ear piercing guns cannot be sterilized and therefore leaving her open to contracting hepatitis. And also that the staff is places like you mentioned aren't trained to pierce such small children. GL

  4. Take her to your pediatrician, they will do it for you. That's the safest option for her age.

  5. When my hubby will FINALLY let me get our daughter's ears pierced, it will be at an Aveda spa where I got mine done as a kid. Either that, or at a children's hair salon where they do a lot of baby girls' ear piercing.