February 24, 2010

homemade baby noms.

and by noms, i mean food. peas to be exact.

we received a baby food maker at one of our showers and decided to try it out since we are slowly introducing "p" fruits and veggies to vegas. you know, prunes, peas, peaches and pears.

making the baby food was super easy and completely budget friendly. i made roughly 10 meals for under $1. i would have preferred to use fresh vegetables [when available] but peas are not necessarily in season so the canned variety is what we went with.

here is what you will need: - to make peas - a stage one food.

- blender, food processor or baby food maker.
- one can of no salt added baby peas.
- a touch of water.
- one ice cube tray.
- plastic wrap [i used press and seal]
- a freezer.

1. place peas and juice from the peas in the processor of choice.

2. blend until a creamy consistency - add water here, if the pea juice was not enough.

3. spoon peas into each slot of the ice cube tray.

4. cover tightly with plastic wrap.

5. allow to completely freeze.

6. pop out of tray and place in a freeze safe baggie - they are good for up to 3 months in the freezer.

i cannot wait until she can eat fun stuff like chicken and rice, and steak and potatoes, although i am sure they will not be as appealing in baby food form.

ps. she LOVED these.

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