February 02, 2010

one year ago today.

i know, riiiiiight?!

here is the original post for your viewing pleasure.

she went from a word on a pee stick to a fabulous and healthy baby girl all in the span of a year. life has definitely changed for CJ and i, but this is what we wanted and hoped for (well, we kinda got lucky on the first real try) but i am so thankful for this sweet babe. i know that there are people out there that yearn so badly for a baby that it hurts [your time will come!] and on the other end there are people who neglect the children they already have. as i sit and listen to vegas snoring in her swing, its so hard to imagine what it would be like right now without her. she is my absolute everything. its unfathomable to think that i would ever have anymore room in my heart for any future children, but i know i will. right now she is all i need.

i love you vegas landry.

[33] cannot get enough.


  1. mmm- i love bfp reflections. <3

  2. That's how I feel about future children too... Right now I can't imagine loving anyone else as much as I love Gianna, but I know it will happen!
    And that picture is precious :)