February 18, 2010

so, im officially [that] mom.

you know, the one who turns her back for ONE tiny second and her too old for her own good daughter decides that she is going to roll over for the [first time], and roll right off of her changing pad right on to the FLOOR. i mean, face first.

i died

like d e a d.

at that moment i realized the days of taking my eyes off of my newborn baby even for one second, flew out of the window and i'm pretty sure i heard the swoosh as it went right on by me.

obviously all maternal instincts came rushing to me at once when i scooped my teary eyed baby girl off the carpet and into my lap. she cried for a whole 43 seconds, and then laughed at me. i was too busy checking her limbs, face and head to notice that she didn't have a scratch on her, and she was acting normal. i felt like the worst mother in the world. i mean, who lets their 122 day old baby [almost 4 months, if you don't want to do the math] grow up and decide that she is going to learn how to roll over in the most inconvenient spot imaginable?! i felt so bad, vegas got to snuggle with mommy way past her bedtime.

to make matters worse, the needle lady at our pediatrician has a date with miss v tomorrow - her actual 4 month birthday - to give her the 4 month cocktail of vaccines.

oh and she is getting her ears pierced this weekend.

mother of the year, right here.  ::points double fingers at myself::


  1. Oh my gosh! This happened to us too with Brody when he was 2 months old. We used to prop him on the couch with the boppy around him and I left my husband in the living room with Brody and the next thing I knew C was in the office with me and I heard a THUD. Brody had rolled off the couch (over the boppy) and onto the floor! I was so scared that he was hurt! Glad V is ok!!!

  2. I did it too! ... My baby girl rolled off the couch while I went to make her a bottle. ... just remember, parents always hurt worse than their kids! ... I feel them rolling off of something is maybe a right of passage! ha!

  3. Oh honey, it happens to everyone! I'm sure Sully is going to make the move here soon. Don't beat yourself up. You're a wonderful mama.

    PS-Really, Southpark date needs to happen soon. I'm in dreadful need of some "mommy" friends.

  4. Oh my gosh!!! How scary! I've been scared to death of that happening... she almost "army crawled" herself off our bed the other day while I was folding laundry... I literally caught her with half her body off the bed!

  5. This reminds me of what has become a classic story in my family's history. My younger sister took her first roll OFF THE KITCHEN COUNTER and onto the floor. She appeared fine, but my parents did take her to the ER, where the nurse knowingly told my parents not to put her on the counter (gee, thanks for the tip). Years later, she's intelligent, doesn't have a smushed face, and we can laugh about it.