March 24, 2010

five month stats.

and it wouldn't be my style to post them on her actual monthday. i am only five days late this time. tisk tisk, i know. at least there are pictures at the end.

- no doctors appointment this month, so if i had to guess a weight... maybe 15 pounds? idk.
- we moved miss ba donk a donk up to size two swaddlers.
- you nap wayyy less.
- you do this weird spit lip thing [proof below].

- you suddenly need to be held all the time, or you flip out. where did that come from?!
- you respond to your name. and why shouldn't you? you are so inquisitive.
- saying you are a mellow baby is an extreme understatement.
- you have discovered the octives of your voice, wow.
- like to stick your tongue out, and lick.... man, do you like to lick.
- you are mesmerized by electric toothbrushes. 
- you break free from your swaddle, so on to the sleep sack it is.
- you can sit up like a little lady, no assistance needed.
- you finally rolled over - seriously, you were a little late on that milestone.
- you have eaten the following foods: peas, pears, prunes and sweet potatoes.
- you love your feet, especially when they are in your mouth.
- when daddy sings to you, you belong to only him.
- you laugh at anything we do, and what a captivating laugh you have.
- your personality seems to be like mine, you like what you like, end of story.


ever had an itch you just can't scratch?


  1. She is too dang cute. And Maddie started sitting up too. I mean can I shed anymore tears? They are getting too big, too quick!

  2. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. I remember when you had her and now she is 5 months, where has the time gone? She is adorable.

  3. She is such a cutie!!

    As for your swaddle problem, I came across this video and its helped us so much. Drew used to get his hand out, then freak out, but this method works wonders. It seems to make him calmer then the regular swaddle. HTH

  4. Hahah the "Itch" picture made me laugh! Hilarious!