March 04, 2010

i'm sorry, last time i checked, i was the parent.

sure, everyone wants to "ooooohh and aaahhhh" over your little bundle of joy. that's fine with me, especially when you know you have a cute kid [like me]. there are, however, those people that love to think that they are the exception to the rule. that rule being - [sharing].

when in a group setting your child should not belong to one single person [except you or course], especially when there are people who do not get to spend time with said child as much as some. most of us have been in this awkward situation of snatching your child from the very firm grasps of that possessive person.

how do you deal with these situations? do you do the simple "grab and walk away" or do you explain to said person that everyone needs a little baby time?


  1. You must be talking about my inlaws? Right?

    Seriously, though? I just snatch Sully up. I hand him to whoever hasn't had a chance, or I keep him to myself if it's going to be a fight.

    It's obnoxious as hell.

  2. You ain't lying!

    I get that people are excited to see the fabulous vegas and handsome sully, but there are other people, especially in a group setting that are there wanting to spend time with them too.

    I have ran into this situation more than I would really like, but hey, maybe they will learn someday.

    I also do the simple grab and go, get mad. IDC.

  3. I do the grab and go, and sometimes I do the 'verbal dig' - I ask the person who hasn't had a chance to to see the baby yet, "Do you want to hold Dylan?". The monopolizer (usually my mom) feels bad and hands him over.

  4. All right... like you, I too have very cute babies (yours is adorable and I am not the type of person to think every baby is cute, b/c... well, their not). I have had the situation more than enough times, where people have been a bit possessive with my babies and one even so much so that she took my 2 month old daughter out of my hands. Yep, just up and took her away from me.. ooo I was pissed!!! Anyway, what the hubbers and I have done, is we walk up and say, "Okay, (insert babies name here) looks like she/he could use a break. Come to Momma/Dadda" and then you pick up YOUR baby and go wherever you were gonna go. Simple as that... they'll get the hint. ;) Hope this works/helps!

    By the way, following you from

  5. I handled that by having four at once. Babies for everyone. HA! I finally figured out that I am the mom and people can do it my way or not have another chance to hold the baby at all. :0) (Sometimes it's good to be can always blame it on hormones after the fact.)