March 29, 2010

look what $18.28 got me, well vegas.

many times i have admitted my love of all things [on sale]. i am super proud of my consignment sale finds from this past weekend.

see. i know, right?!

obviously in the pictures it looks like a jumbled mess, but let me just let you in on the consignment goodness.

top picture L to R: pink old navy bathing suit cover-up, old navy monkey sleep and play, carters strawberry sleeper, gap jeans, brand new pink robeez! [hello, these particular ones were $30 new, and i paid $2 whole dollars for them], brown flower robeez, two blue sheet savers and a cute flower sundress.

bottom picture L to R: eight bibs, white childrens place shrug, white old navy tunic, white carters cardigan, white cherokee sweater [i have a small white obsession], dishwasher basket, formula divider [yes, she drinks formula, gasp.] freaking adorable pink and blue gap sailor skirt outfit fully equipped with a hat with anchors on it, squeeeee!, handmade patchwork handmade cardigan, and red and white gap onesies.

i am quite proud of myself actually. i wish i was a rich momma where i could buy all brand new, but i'm not to proud to use second hand.


  1. Niiice! New reader here. Love the blog! Also love a great deal and looks like you got a heck of a steal in!

  2. What a loot! Consignment shops are so rad when you can get great stuff. Can't wait to see her sailor outfit. =)

  3. Hmm... will you go consignment shopping for me? Because, dude; that's some awesome stuff you found! i definitely need to remember consignment shopping when it comes to the babe.

  4. I just bought the SAME flower sundress at a consignment shop! I think that I've decided to buy new onesies, and hit up the consignment shop for everything else!

  5. With vegas being so skinny, its super hard to buy onesies used. That's one thing I have to buy new, but seriously its only $10. :)

  6. I love good deals. It makes the day so much brighter.