April 20, 2010

i have camera envy.


my point and shoot is just not cutting it anymore. obviously my camera envy comes at a time in which it is just not feasible for me to spend that kind of money on the camera i really want. these two are on my immediate wish list.

canon rebel xsi

canon rebel t1i

i want to venture over to the world of DSLR [digital single lens reflex]. i have always had a "thing" for photography [even though i know my knowledge of the subject is pretty small] but after having vegas, my want turned into a need. NEED.

the obvious difference between the two is the price. the xsi is the cheaper of the two, but if the differences outweigh the price, i wouldn't mind upgrading to the t1i. i would love to know if any of my readers have either of these and what they love and hate about each one.

i obviously won't be getting one tomorrow, but i will have one before the end of the year. promise.


  1. I feel ya on this! I have a lame little cannon. It works fine, but I want a techy one dammit!

  2. I love my T1i!!! Totally would recommend it. The photography bug hit be hard when Gigi was born too & I NEEDED a DSLR. Good luck in getting the husband to go along with your wishes ;)

  3. The differences didn't outweigh the price for me. For me, it was MOST important to have a few different lenses (specifically the Nifty Fifty), so I actually just went with the Canon XS and then a few lenses.

  4. i have the canon rebel xsi, and i love it. but be prepared to study the manuals (yes, plural) before you use it. i upgraded right to this from a point-n-shoot, and there was a lot i had to learn. but now it's great! takes amazing pics.

  5. I have the XSI and love it. I got a deal on it, I dont know where you live but most places will price match. I got my at Sammy's price but at Frys. I also have some lens from my 35 mm days and they work with it which was huge for me. Its easy to use and learn.