April 18, 2010

q & a - part uno.

longest post ever.

Q: how did i meet my husband?

A: on the internet, in 1999. creeptastic to some, best decision of my life, for me. it was a national chat room and through further discussion past “A/S/L” we found that we lived a mere 10 miles from each other. [sidenote, i was 14 and it was before the internet was hyped up to contain pedophiles galore.]

Q: how long were you & CJ together and married before you decided to try to have a babe?

A: cj and i dated for eight years [never broke up!] before we got engaged in 2006. engaged for one year, then got married december 1, 2007. we decided to go off birth control when my prescription ran out in august 2008. buuuuuut, we didn’t start “trying” until january 2009, and well…. lets just say, his little tadpoles knew where to go. first time was a charm. ;)

Q: How did we come up with name vegas?

A: truthfully, we have had the name for over six years now and it has never changed. the day we went for our “big” ultrasound and they told us it was a girl, she has always been vegas. we never had a backup for it either. cj was the sole creator of her first name [he MADE me tell you that]. her middle name [landry] came from a very short list including: merit, kimber and ember. also, she was not conceived in vegas, as we have never been, and we certainly do not aspire for her to grow up to be a stripper. we both wanted a name that was unique but not made up, and not trendy or hard to spell with a bunch of added letters. i think we achieved the perfect mixture of the aforementioned.

Q: what do you and cj do for a living?

A: cj is a realtor.

i also have my real estate license. right now i am currently a stay at home mom. [the reason for this will be answered in a different question] me staying home was never in the cards for us financially. sure, we could down-grade our lifestyle, but neither of us want to do that unless we absolutely have to. i have guilt for not being able to find a full time job. i have had a job since i was 16 years old, so it’s been pretty hard on me. however, i will say that i feel extremely lucky to have been able to be home with vegas for the past six months. cj has been so supportive as well, he never pressures me about the whole job situation, but we both know i need to find one soon. i cannot stay home forever. where is publishers clearing house? i want my balloons and over-sized check! lol.

Q: are we planning on anymore children, if so when and how many?

A: yes, at least one more. ideally it would happen around the time vegas is 2 or 3. i want to be able to enjoy all of her milestones before throwing another child in the mix.

Q: how long have you and your husband been together?

A: on july 8th of this year it will be 11 years together total. 2.5 married.

circa 2003ish.

Q: why don’t i have a blog archive drop down menu?

A: i used to, and then i got a search bar. however, i am reconsidering adding it back. i never really thought about how hard it would be to back track if you are not really sure what you are looking for.

Q: how is my new career aspiration going? and are you still in school for it?

A: i am indeed finished with phlebotomy school! yay. i have been on a hardcore search for the past three weeks for a job since school ended. come on land of healthcare, crystal's knocking!

Q: is my hair naturally this dark?

A: yes and no. it is naturally really dark, but I do make trips to the salon to keep it this dark. It tends to have a red/brown tint when I go too long without a touchup. barf.

Q: what names did you consider if vegas was a boy?

A: this is a funny one, because i guess we never really thought we were going to have a boy so we didn’t have many names. we did like westen and kiser as first names. we never really got into thinking of middle names. bad, i know.

Q: what is my biggest fear?

A: my complete honest answer would have to be - being poor. i know there are people who are going to think that is vain as hell for me to say, but its not like i am a millionaire now. i just want vegas [and future kids] to have more than i had and cj completely agrees. i have normal fears like everyone else of losing a loved one, or being hurt, but being poor is pretty high on my list too. right below that would have to be being ugly. maybe i am being a little TOO honest. bwhaha.

well, thats all until later this week.


  1. Thanks for answering my "name" question! Good luck finding a job!

  2. YAY for answers! I loved learning all of this about you!! Can't wait for more!!

  3. I am a "follower" of your blog, remember you from back in the bump days :) I just wanted to say I love your name for a boy, Kisor, as my son's name is that. It is spelled Keyser, after Keyser Soze in the movie Usual Suspects, but its one in the same. It means king, which makes it all the better!