June 27, 2010

days [161 - 169]

[161] - prunes again?!
[162] - this must have been a very informative dream.
[163] - she was focused on the cute neighbor boy. I was hoping this phase would come a little later in life.
[164] - this is my good side, mom.
[165] - two teeth and counting! bring on the steak.

[166] - i'm pretty sure she had a sore neck after this one.
[167] - anyone want to take a guess what this face implies? i'm pretty sure its obvious.
 [168] - the carseat = instant nap. :)
 [169] - hawaiian themed party, and miss priss didn't want to touch anything. i hope shes not a germ-a-phobe.


  1. Haha love #167! She is adorable.

  2. She really is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen [well besides my Henry of course :)]

  3. I love the concentrated expression (167)! :D And how cute is she in her Hawaiian outfit omg!

  4. love the pics!!

    check out my blog, i gave you an award :)