June 21, 2010

fathers day 2010

fathers day was pretty low key around our house yesterday.

the three of us woke up way too late, snuggled  in the bed, ate breakfast at lunchtime, laid around at the pool, took vegas to see her grandfathers grave and put flowers on it for the first time, met up with CJ's brother and sister, then headed to dinner at cheddars.

it was a perfect way to spend his first fathers day in my opinion. :)

and completely off subject [ineedatan], but i got my hair chopped off saturday. does it look like a "mommy" cut? maybe the humidity was making it poof out, idk. boo!


  1. It is a really cute cut!! Good for the summer. Def. not a "mommy cut" :)

  2. Not at all a "mom-do." It's super cute!