September 21, 2010

days [211 - 220]

[211] - i will absolutely not compromise on going to see lady gaga mom! :::angry fists:::
[212] - psht. who do these people think they are telling me not to touch this. what are they going to do? spank me?! HA.
[213] - pink leopard eskimo bay bay.
[214] - i bet everyone thought i was standing allllll bymyself. yeah, i'm totally being held up by the wall and my badonk a dipe.
[215] - and its only going to get worse mom, only going to get worse.
[216] - where are my hands dad?! i just woke up and cannot handle all of these technical toys.
[217] - a girls gotta have choices.
[218] - a smidge big for the bumbo thats for sure.
[219] - my gammy always puts me to sleep, even in mid conversation. i love her!
[220] - allllll of these toys and this hanger is my favorite thing of all. i'm easy to please.