October 09, 2010

eleven months old.

i want to cry while typing this. i'm sure that is why i have been putting this post off for nearly a month. my fresh out of the oven baby is 11 months old and some change. she is growing and changing every.single.day. it amazes me how she picks up on everything. she hit some pretty major milestones this past month.

- SHE STARTED CRAWLING - full force.
- 18lbs 10 oz. and 28 2/3rd inches tall [35th percentile overall].
- she went from two bottom teeth to to eight, literally overnight.

 - she eats real bite sized food now. this is so weird to me!
- she went to the beach for the first time!
- she still will not drink from a sippy cup. boo.

- she upgraded from her infant carrier to a big girl Britax [that post coming soon].
- we went to the fair for the first time. she was one inch too small to ride the carousel. broke my heart.
- has a slight infatuation with electrical outlets.
- got her first real "owie" by face planting on our coffee table. a big bruise right under her left eye. [ :( ]

- she had her first eye appointment.. i know right!? she is a smidge farsighted, had drops put her in eyes to dilate them [yeah, that was not fun] was soothed by a finger puppet and doesn't need to come back until she is three years old.
- we moved her crib to the lowest position. [tear]
-  she is turning into quite the impatient girl she must get that from me.

i am sure i am missing s o m e t h i n g, but i am still in awe and shock that she is nearly one year [THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE DAYS] old.

enjoy the cuteness that is a baby on a beach.


  1. Yay for crawling! Where did you get that cute headband?!

  2. What a tiny thing! Our Gabi will be 11 months next week and is about that size too. Did she like the sand on the beach?

  3. that chair is too stinking cute!

  4. Gah she is too damn cute. I wish Vegas & Gianna could meet... they both love outlets LOL