October 27, 2010

hayrides, pumpkins and pig ears.

as children, CJ and i had never been to pumpkin patch that either of us can recall. it was a no brainer that we wanted vegas to experience this.

when i refer to a pumpkin patch i most certainly do not mean this.

i'm sorry, but unless you live in downtown NYC there is no excuse for this. why not just go to walmart like everyone else to get your pumpkin, and not waste your money on this "pumpkin patch" experience.

after some much appreciated referrals we headed to carrigan farms for a hayride and a real pumpkin patch! it was a first for all of us! the weather was absolutely gorgeous, 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. the actual pumpkin patch was huge, a lot bigger than i pictured. we definitely had our choice, there were literally hundreds and hundreds to choose from in all shapes, sizes and colors. they were so fresh we had to rip them off of the vine they were growing on. they even had a mini petting zoo which just put the icing on the cake. enough with the blah blah blah, here comes picture overload.

i live for the weekends i can spend with my little family. <3.


  1. Love the family picture of the 3 of you at the end! And would you look at all that hair that little miss V is sprouting?! Looks like turning one was the missing piece to the little hair puzzle. Adorable! :)

  2. this blog is so cute. we are about the same age and so are our babies. ill be following! follow me if you like. :) -sarah

  3. So damn cute. And I still can't believe we have 1 year olds!