March 26, 2011

spring is in the air.

here in the south, it seems like it went from 25 degrees to 80 degrees in less than three days. there really wasn't that slow transition from winter to spring. we went from hooded coats and furry boots, to fun summer tops and skinny jeans.

we were so excited when we could take vegas to the park for the first time a few weeks ago. it was right after she really started walking without falling every 2 steps. she loved it! she was a little timid because of all of the other kids there. not to mention they probably all seemed 10 feet tall to her.

she's also in the stage now where she wants nothing to do with looking at the camera. so sad for me!

static slide hair!

she l o v e s to swing. if we even go to a park, it has to include baby swings, because she is still so small that we know she will enjoy this.

this last picture with her daddy simply melts my heart. the look on her face is one of pure love for him. <3

ps - mamas with DSLR cameras, how can i get blogger to not compress my pictures so much? i hate how grainy they are uploading. 


  1. could i BE more thrilled that you are back?

  2. could i BE more thrilled that you are back???? :)

  3. so jealous of your sunshine park day! i can't wait until we get those here...