February 24, 2009

sickness aint just for the morning people.

The term "morning sickness" really is not an applicable term. The sickness I have experienced has not been labeled with any particular time of the day. I have not physically gotten sick as of yet (please sweet baby Jesus, let it stay that way). I have had this nauseous feeling on and off for the past week happening at around 3 hour intervals. The only thing that I can do to subdue the feeling is eat.... I am not used to eating ALL the time like this. It makes me have this aversion to all food by dinner time.

I caved and called the midwife and asked her to suggest some OTC meds that may help me. I figured she would suggest B6 or something, but she called in an Rx and when I picked it up I was shocked at what it looked like. It came in individually wrapped sections that seriously looked like my dogs heart worm preventative. Nice huh?

Feeling sick is so new to me. This coming from a girl who has probably blown chunks a whopping 4 times MY WHOLE LIFE.

LL 2.0 I love you already, but please have mercy on your moms esophagus because those saltines and coke taste so much better going down than coming back up.

Your very excited, yet queasy mom.


  1. I know how you are feeling! I am 2 weeks behind you, but the nausea and "sickness" kicked in a couple of days ago. I hope it gets better for you!

  2. I hope you feel better soon and LL 2.0 takes it easy on you.

  3. I miss you LL!! Oh and if it's phenergan, be careful because that stuff will knock you out! :)