May 11, 2009

mothers day.

well, i am late as always, but i do attest that mothers day was great this year, however, it was a TAD more special than usual. i guess you could call me the "mother in waiting", but that would really not be an accurate term seeing as i have technically been a "mother" since january. wow.... january. its weird to think that this is my last solo mothers day, but i welcome that with open arms.

we started our day out with a late lunch at olive garden with my mom, whom by the way, you will see i look nothing like. im a spitting image of my dad. i loaded up on soup, salad and breadsticks and CJ had a mild mid-life crisis because our server did not card him for his mojito and he wanted to know if he was starting to look old, to funny for words, i assure you. i gave my mom her gift, then CJ excused himself from the table to get a gift out of the car that he got for me!! :)

Most people know that I collect willow tree figures, however i only collect the ones that are significant to a time in my life.... here is what CJ got me. they are hand carved out of wood and are just stunning. This particular one states "Cherish, awaiting a miracle" - he could have not gotten me a better gift, ILU babe! so, needless to say I had a great "mother in waiting" day.


  1. What a precious gift. I love it. I bet you're dying to find out what you're having :)

  2. What a great gift, I love those....very cute. Excited to see your gender post!!!