May 08, 2009

first stranger comment.

totally unexpected and i am not sure about how i feel about it. it was at work the other day and this lady with a super thick accent said... "when baby due". i looked at her and said "excuse me", because i honestly did not understand what she was asking with her crazy German accent, then i said "five months". after she left i had a semi freak out, FIVE MONTHS! when did that happen? i honestly look at myself as still chunky and not showing too much, but i guess i need to get used to creepy stranger comments and random people wanting to touch ::cringes:: my belly.

its sure to get worse when my belly begins to cast its own shadow.

1 comment:

  1. But how do you feel about people wanting to touch your belly (whether random people or people that you know)?

    I know my sister was annoyed after awhile.

    PS - How exciting !!