July 06, 2009

a beach week in review.

today is the last day of my vacay to visit my dad in Panama City Beach, FL. so sad, but hey, it was a vacation non-the-less. it has become a ritual around our house that we go to the beach at least once a summer. this year we went a little high class and went to Florida opposed to our normal myrtle beach excursions :). my dad warned me about all of the "tourists" even though in retrospect, that's just what we were as well, but man.... errrrrrrybody was at the beach for the 4th.

being pregnant has definitely put a strain on my golden summer tan that i like to sport each summer, so when we all went out on my dads new boat, mrs whitey crystal got burnt, baaaaaad. i cannot even remember the last time i burned. my dad certainly found it quite humorous that his partial italian daughter was as white as a russian in the winter. getting burnt so early in the vacay put a damper on our beach time.

all in all, CJ and i had a great time in florida and it is always great seeing my dad and step brothers. here are a couple of belly shots :)

25 weeks, the day we got there.

26 weeks, and a rainy last day.


  1. Looks like a great trip! Sorry that you got burnt!