June 22, 2009

24 weeks, fathers day and viability!

all of the above was actually yesterday, but i, being the queen of promptness was too lazy to post, so please forgive me.

its really hard for me to believe that I am already 24 weeks pregnant. its even harder to think that in just a few short months our beautiful miss V will be here and our lives will be forever changed for the better.

the term "age of viability" refers to the point in pregnancy at which the baby could have a chance of survival if born prematurely, which is generally around 24 weeks of pregnancy. that is by doctors standards. OBVIOUSLY there is no way i want her to come early so stay in there until you are at least close to full term miss V, thats an order.

yesterday was also CJs first fathers day, even though he did not have an actual child to hold, he knew this was a special day for him being a daddy to be. i got him the willow tree figurine "new dad" to go with our collection. as you may remember, he got me the "cherish" figurine for mothers day, im all about returning the favor ;].

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