July 28, 2009

nursery sneak peek and new [used] high chair.

one thing is for sure, if miss V was born today [please sweet baby jesus, no] she would not have a bed to sleep in, a diaper to mess up or a carseat to ride in... but she WOULD NOT go unclothed and would definitely have an uber cool stripe on her wall. evidence below.

sad thing is, we have not even had one baby shower yet.



i am also an avid craigslist stalker, among my many talents.. i live in a place where the rich people [not me] get rid of all of their kids stuff after like one using. i scored our eddie bauer highchair... same one on our registry [$125] for a mere $20 on craigslist today. all she needed was a few touch ups with the stain pen, and we were good to go!

before - notice the foot plate
after - tada!
:::pats self on back:::


  1. Awesome! Love the stripe! And don't worry, Lincoln would be in the same boat. He'd have a bed, mattress, and plenty of clothes - even a nifty pair of cowboy boots - and nothing else. :-)

  2. Wow! I absolutely love that stripe! Talent, right there.

    Umm, and as ashamed as I am to say this, you have one more high chair than we do. And Madeline is 8 MONTHS OLD. For shame, I know.

  3. I love the stripe idea...nice!

    oh & great buy

  4. Love the stripe!!

    I'm impressed at the high chair!! Good work!

  5. hi! I came over from mrs. priss!

    Love you blog!