August 27, 2009

can i have your attention please.

our first born, mr. maddox is famous on the nest/

scroll on down until you see "petiquette primer", that cute boy in the blue polo is our sweet dal pal. he is 5 years old, and that old navy polo was a gift from yours truly.

here is his the picture, just in case that link was acting weird... it was earlier.

he is actually going to have a spread [along with a couple of his other animal friends] in the actual nest magazine - fall 2009 issue.

he is such a handsome boy.

also, if any of you were wondering, yes we did name him after angelina jolie's kid. :)


  1. So cute...wish my dog was being featured!

  2. That's so cute! Yay.. Mr. Maddox is famous!