August 27, 2009

doctors appointments, eye exams and convenience strollers.

so today has been pretty eventful, i guess i shall bore you with the details since i have nothing better to blog about.

i started out today with a routine doctors appointment. they had to recheck my iron count [prick my damn finger with a dumb little plastic thingie] because i was put on an iron supplement about a month ago to regulate my anemia, but all is well. we got to listen to miss v's heartbeat [140s] and checked my fundal height and she is measuring right on track [33 centimeters]. v has been head down for some time, lets just hope she stays there. after my next appointment in two weeks we are going to have to start making weekly treks to the doctors office. yikes! everyone knows what that means... miss v will be here soon!!

after that appointment, cj and i headed to our favorite place for lunch, Qdoba. if you don't have one around you, man... you are missing out. i got the ancho chile pulled pork naked burrito, so delish! then cj treated me to some coldstone, but not before i had to coax him into buying it for me.

i dropped cj off and then went to the eye doctor where my life forever changed. i went in for my yearly routine eye exam and contact consultation. when all was said and done, i found out that i have now developed astigmatism, which in turn my doctor has now advised me that it would be best if i got a pair of glasses [insert life being changed here] for night driving and reading. she thinks that the contacts may be putting unnecessary strain on my eyes and that a cheap pair of glasses [just to supplement] may be the trick. booo! thanks mom and dad for my genes, both of which wear contacts and glasses. i walked out of the eye doctor $250 poorer and a years supply of contacts and new shiny pair of glasses richer.

lastly, i stopped by walmart on the way home to pick up this convenience stroller by evenflo. i purchased it in a solid magenta color [not the one in the link]. they are normally $45 at walmart, but this week they are on clearance for $23. even i could not pass up that deal. i wanted a lightweight stroller that was free from a fairy princess print and that looked somewhat durable. this one is both of those.

there sure are a lot more links in this post than i originally intended. :)

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  1. Wow, $250 and you got an exam, glasses and a YEARS supply of contacts? I have vision insurance and alll of my nonsense cost me around $300 for just an exam and contacts! Now, I have astigmatism in both eyes and they're dry as a desert, so I realize my contacts are probably more expensive than most,..... but wow. You made out like a bandit! Awesome. Oh, and that stroller looks awesome, too.