August 10, 2009

everyone needs an e-friend like this.

meet Bev & Dusty:

they are married [to each other] and both pretty awesome. i met Bev on the knot while planning my december 2007 wedding to this guy:

over the years [YIKES, years!] we have kept in touch. she trusted me and a few other fellow e-friends enough to host us at her house last october for a trip around Atlanta. shes such a peach, no pun intended.

when CJ and I found out we were expecting, bev was more than thrilled as well. Bev and I send the random emails every now and again, but when CJ got finished walking mr. maddox this morning he came in and handed me a box that was on our doorstep. this is what i found.

dr. browns dishwasher basket, bottle brush, 2 sets of dr. browns nipples, avent pacifiers, and 2 swaddle me blankets!

all off of our babies r us registry, from Bev & Dusty of course. :)

such a sweet gesture, thanks a million guys!


  1. Too sweet! Wish I had an e-friend! That sounds great! Good Luck with your baby shower this weekend!

  2. Aww yay!! Thanks for the blog love. :-) You are more than welcome!!