August 11, 2009

my latest nursery project - swatch portraits.

anyone who knows me at all knows that i have not bought into all of that baby themed crap for miss v's nursery. we did not register for winnie the pooh or cartooned themed ANYTHING. cj and i are simply not those parents. i am more of a clean and simple type girl.

when i started looking for stuff to go on the walls in v's nursery, nothing i found would simply do... so i broke out my DIY thumb and started brain storming, and here is what she is getting. swatch portraits.

i found various fabrics and trinkets to attach and stocked up in embroidery rings which i got at a local craft store, painted them white and here is the end result. they are right above her dresser/changing table. i am quite proud of myself, if i do say so myself.


  1. such a GREAT idea, for any room in your house! I love that you added little embellishments to each canvas.

  2. Very cute idea! I love it and I love the colors that you have chosen.