August 18, 2009


it seems that miss v has learned that she has a new talent. hiccups! she is getting pretty good at them. for the past week, i have felt them at least once a day, usually right before i go to bed. i am pretty sure she is head down right now because it feels like my lady parts [which i have not seen in weeks] are pulsing when she gets them. cj has yet to be around when she is doing it, story of his life... shes a shy girl around her daddy.

edit: before i had a chance to hit the submit button on this blog, she started hiccuping again. :D


  1. Ha-Ha! Too funny! I'm SO anxious to feel Weston move...when did you feel Miss V move for the first time?

  2. i have an anterior placenta [its in the front] and it took up until around 24 weeks before i could tell that it was really the baby moving and not gas. :)

  3. That is too cute, poor little miss V.
    Rachel I felt the first kick at 15 weeks and around 19-20 weeks I could feel flip flops and kicks, not it is never ending.

  4. Alana had hiccups ALL the time...this one not so much. Isn't it one of the wierdest feelings?!?!