August 23, 2009

33 weeks - and i'm a slacker, i know.

its been two weeks since a belly update. slackville USA, i know.

soooo, here you go.

How far along? 33 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: up 21 pounds total.
Maternity clothes? duh!
Stretch marks? my old schoolies are most def getting more noticeable. boo hisssss....
Sleep: eh? so so i guess.
Best moment this week:being able to see miss v punching and kicking from the outside. :)
Movement:all the time, usually at night... i hope this is not a sign of her post womb sleep pattern.
Food cravings: omelettes please!
Gender: GIRL.
Labor Signs: none.
Belly Button in or out? in, but definitely getting less shallow.
What I am looking forward to:meeting our little girl. we are counting the days now, not the months! eeeeek.
Milestones:getting the major component of the nursery [crib]. now, we just have to put the dang thing together.

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  1. I just wanted to say I really love your blog. I literally just started mine a few hours ago! =) I love all your adorable pregnancy give great ideas! Congrats on your pregnancy and I look foward to following your blog!