August 25, 2009

reason number 459934708 why i love my mommy.

she got us this beaut off of our babies-r-us registry.

chicco cortina travel system

we got it in the color scheme - discovery.

cj and i are so grateful to have people in our family that care about us and their new little playmate so much.

i also love the fact that we can go incognito with this stroller. i'm sorry no, you cannot see my baby.

now my craigslist/ebay/internet bargain search begins for an additional base for cj's car. i registered for one, but i simply cannot pay $79.99 for a hunk of plastic that has the name chicco on it.


  1. Yay!! That's great! I'm with you about searching for a second base! The base itself is WAY too expensive!

  2. We love that stroller ours is in synergy (a bright red). And when Ian was small I liked covering him up because people will (prepare yourself for this) come up to the stroller and stick their faces into it to see your little one. Its random and a little weird until you get used to it. But yay, for great family and friends and needed gifts from the registry! And we got our second base off craigslist for $35 and it was about 8 months old. Alas it is now sitting in our closet waiting to be re-craiglisted along with the other baby things we have outgrown. I would totally give you mine if you were local!

  3. jen - we could totally work some sort of shipment arrangement i am sure. for serious. :)

  4. That is our stroller too! I LOVE IT. :)