September 07, 2009

35/35 - one day late.

okay, when the hell did this happen?!? 35 weeks gestation = 35 days until my estimated due date [well, yesterday anyways].

::side eyes the floating baby on my left sidebar::

here are my stats and a picture.

How far along? 35 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: im sure that my 16 pound weight gain is up a smidge, cj likes to point out that i am looking "big" these days. thanks hun. ILU2.
Maternity clothes? im so tired of them. i'll be happy when i can buy some cute shirts for the fall.
Stretch marks? my old schoolies are most def getting more noticeable. boo hisssss....
Sleep: if you consider sleep, waking up 4 times a night to pee, then yes.
Best moment this week: looking back at last weeks "best moment this week", when i said people think i am small. apparently not my husband or his mother. it is never okay to point out how "large" a pregnant woman is looking. :^/
Movement:all the time, usually at night... i hope this is not a sign of her post womb sleep pattern.
Food cravings: mmm, not sure this week.
Gender: GIRL.
Labor Signs: none, braxton hicks are more frequent for realz.
Belly Button in or out? in, but definitely getting less shallow.
What I am looking forward to: maternity leave minus the whole one income thing.
Milestones: 35/35! and cj feeling her kick so hard when we were at the movies yesterday.

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  1. I think you are looking great! And congrats on the awesome milestone!